Picture showing a technician at work at a Spiral Wound Filtration Unit used for Micro-, Ultra-, Nano- and RO filtration of large volumes of fermentation broth


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Are you a start-up, a spinoff, a smaller or larger company?
Do you want your biowaste technology (established or emerging)
to be included in the database?

Join one of our online coaching sessions:

We will coach you on how to add your technology to the database. The coaching sessions take place every second Monday at 14:00 (CEST).

Registration via a short email to info@tech4biowaste.eu





A dynamic database
of relevant technologies
of biowaste utilisation

The Tech4Biowaste project aims to provide the bio-based industry with a complete overview of existing and emerging technologies with a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 4 and higher for biowaste utilisation and valorisation.

The technology database will contain up-to-date information and will be user-friendly, well-maintained and accessible to everybody. The database will be helpful for a large number of stakeholders in and after the project duration.

It will provide information and technical details on the technologies for interested stakeholders and provide a platform for technology providers to show innovative technologies.

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Tech4Biowaste Objectives

  • To offer stakeholders along the biobased value chain with different backgrounds and expertise a one-stop and comprehensive biowaste technology overview that allows to analyse and compare biowaste valorisation technologies.
  • To reach the stakeholders through offering high visibility and unique features based on the latest IT technologies as well as co-creation and training opportunities, generating significant database usage for those interested in biowaste utilisation and valorisation technologies.
  • To pave the way for the deployment of biowaste technologies and technology configurations by assessing the commercialisation potential with respect to continuity planning for technology suppliers, technology searchers and users reflecting regional differences in biowaste availability and composition.
  • To generate and engage an increasing number of database users for future database expansion by embedding and integrating the biowaste technology database into the Renewable Carbon Community platform. Thus actively targeting stakeholders within the broader areas of biomass utilisation and linked technologies.
  • To ensure the long-term operation of the database by setting up a business model and governance structure for the platform.

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